BA Fine Art 2020

Ellie-May Hayward

I am a Birmingham based artist whose work is inspired by natural forms, along with the exploration of materiality. My work involves the production of sculptures by layering materials, revealing and concealing different elements in the process. The odd nature of my most recent work is created working with unpredictable mediums, such as expanding foam. I am inspired and intrigued to produce work that rejects traditional art practice, creating sculptures that are anti-monumental and often appear to be made from repugnant and toxic materials.
There is a repeated element of unevenness within my work, my most recent sculptures are created to appear as if they are about to collapse. The precarious appearance of my work allows the forms within the pieces to look as though they are unstable, presenting themselves as almost pitiable and incompetent as floor-based sculptures.

︎︎︎ Birmingham School of Art  ︎︎︎
BA(Hons) Fine Art  ︎ 2020