BA Fine Art 2020

Jessica Ladkin

My work consists of a series of oil paintings which explore certain stages of an individual’s life which expose their aspirations and desires for success.  Using family and friends as sitters, I have been deeply inspired by historical painting techniques, such as chiaroscuro, to pay homage to the old masters.  The compositions are based around a certain art term Trompe l’oeil which translates to ‘deceive the eye’. Within my paintings I have been eager to produce a likeness within a portrait while exploring perspective, such as giving illusions that we are looking downwards.

The body of work depicts range of people using hand gestures, the idea behind reveals their desire for success at different stages in life; showing near to no desire in my younger sitters, due to childhood innocence, to a sense of acceptance or defeat in the elderly sitters.

My paintings are achieved with oil paint on canvas, and then finalised with a film of epoxy resin; to achieve a fluidity, and reflectiveness within a finished piece.  Doing so achieves a separation from the painting to the audience.

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︎︎︎ Birmingham School of Art  ︎︎︎
BA(Hons) Fine Art  ︎ 2020