BA Fine Art 2020

Luiza Zablocka

Luiza Zablocka (Luizajan) is an emerging artist, mother and wife at the same time, born Riga and raised in the UK. Her practice utilises painting, photography and mixed-media to highlight socio-cultural and personal issues affecting her. As a woman navigating contemporary society, a key focus within her work is the portrayal and perception of the female body and its development within art. Luiza’s work draws on research of 15th-17th century paintings, human anatomy. Most of her work is bipolar and distinguished by the fact of juxtaposition of the materials and content.

Luiza aims to capture and play with the notions of staged portraiture depicting woman’s role in art from hers perspective. She operates with a range of photography methods including digital, polaroid and film production. Proficient in using various internet platforms, digital design and photoshop.

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︎︎︎ Birmingham School of Art  ︎︎︎
BA(Hons) Fine Art  ︎ 2020